Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Waiting For Spring

Winter has been pretty mild this year in Oregon and I don't have any complaints....but the last day of February it snowed.  Not much but enough to remind me that winter can still hang on for another 6 weeks because that darned gopher saw his shadow. I grew up in Alaska and snow is not my friend.  I like to see it on a Christmas card, or up in the mountains but I don't want it out my front door. I don't really believe the "gopher prediction" but I remember last spring and it wasn't pretty!  Spring came the end of July and summer didn't start until the end of August and THEN....fall came in September.

After Christmas I was already looking for signs of spring.  Looking to see if there were any little green things coming out of the dirt.  If the willow trees are turning that funny yellow/green color.  By the end of January I did see my daffodils peeking their little heads just above the dirt.  Little nubs were appearing on my rose bush and that was the start of my spring fever.

Getting up this morning, I glanced out the window and to my (great) disappointment, there was snow once again outside my front door.  The saving grace is our little wrens who are busy bringing "stuff" to their summer homes in our back yard.

This was taken last summer. They came back!