Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's Been Awhile

Don't you just hate it when you are typing along and have a goodly amount typed and then you just wipe it out?  ARRGH!  That just happened to me.  Somehow my computer highlighted all but the first sentence of my post and POOF! It all disappeared. A bit frustrating I must say.  I need to make sure that I don't hold my fingers on the keys because that is what happened when I lost everything.

Okay....hmmm. Where was I?  Okay, I think I have it. 
The rainy season is here and I have been busy in the kitchen and not doing a lot of card making. I've made a few birthday cards and yes, I sealed them up in the envelope and didn't take any pictures.  Normally I have made 10 Halloween cards for our grandkids by now but I haven't made one.  They are so fun too.  Instead I have been busy making bread, baking pies and cakes with the wonderful Fall bounty of my friends orchard.  I decided the kids will get Fall cards instead of Halloween.  Not as much fun but they love getting mail so I think it will be okay.

My mother in law will be here next weekend and I know I will be very busy crafting while she is here. She will be here for 10 days and with  Christmas coming  we'll be like busy elves, putting out the Christmas cards as fast as we can. I'm so lucky that I don't have to entertain because we just entertain ourselves in the craft room.

Because I have not taken any pictures of current cards, I thought I would post some previous cards.  These are a couple of Halloween cards from last year.