Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Changes in life.....New Changes in Blog!

There were big changes in my life last year.  I went back to work after being off for 7 years.  It's much different from my past employment. I left the office arena and went to a TEA shop.  How fun is that??? This is not your "grandma's" tea shop. We specialize in Chinese Tonic Herbs. We focus on Health, Longevity and Prevention. I'll be posting pictures of the shop soon. It isn't what you would expect a tea shop to look like and it is pure fun! The owner is a fabulous decorator and I hope she will come to my house and give me some pointers. Of course I need to save up my earnings for that though.

I've found that it is much more difficult to manage housework, crafting and things in be general that I always did before now that I am working. I ran a house hold of 6, worked an 8 to 5 job and did quite well......30 years ago! I'm not sure how I managed that since I struggle with cooking and housework now with NO children.  I'm hoping it will all fall into place and I will do better with my time management.

I also got a commissioned order for a watercolor painting earlier in the month and I have been working on the painting so my greeting cards have slid by the wayside.  I am able to sell my art and cards at the tea shop so I need to figure this out real quick!

Before the holidays I took a very long (36 hour) train trip to Grand Forks, ND to visit with my daughter and grandson. I had such a great time and it hurt my heart so much to leave.

2014 promises to be a busy year for me. Beside working at the tea shop, I plan on devoting more time to my artwork along with my card making.  I'll be making a trip to Alaska for my 40th class reunion in July.

Happy 2014!