Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Giant Ginger Cookies

My blog so far has been just cards I have made. From time to time just to be different I have to throw something new into the mix.

Yesterday I made these giant cookies.  If they were any bigger they wouldn't have fit into the little celophane bag.  I sent some of these to work with my husband to give to his co-workers.  The recipe states it should make 25 giant cookies.  I got half that but I guess I really oversized them.  I put a few in the freezer to give to my daughter and my grandkids because I knew my husband would eat them before they got a chance to get any.  I ate two as soon as they cooled.  I think that would be the equivalent of maybe 6 regular cookies.  Yikes! 

I do have to admit, these are really yummy!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Great Week Ahead

Good morning!  What a wonderful weekend I had.  I hope yours was wonderful too.  I just know it is going to be a great week.

Saturday I was able to visit with my daughter and grandkids, did a bit of grocery shopping and just chilled at home with my hubby.  On Sunday I went to the CTMH card workshop and made a new friend and some really fun, different types of cards.  I loved the butterfly pop up card.  I can see doing that with hearts or possibly balloons.  I'll be playing with it.  The fold over card with the whale was cute.  I'll be making different types of those too. Very versatile.  A celebration card where we made our own "bursting fireworks" paper. (This will be my husband's birthday card because his birthday is July 4.)  There was a simple one with a wooden sea shell embellishment, very cute. Also a cute little birthday card.  As promised, here are the pictures. (I seem to use the word "cute" a lot.  Sorry. It seems my vocabulary is short today.)

Aren't those just too cute??

Friday night I made a birthday card that I copied from a card I found on Pinterest.  It made me think of my daughter who loves to shop.  Today I finished my second card for the CFC Outlawz challenge.  Here they are!

Hope you all really do have a wonderful week.  I'm off now to make some Ginger cookies and Sourdough bread.  Later!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Friday!

Once again, its the end of the week and I am not sure where it went. I've been working on making sourdough starter and my grandkids and I made some sourdough donuts yesterday.  I had found an old recipe of my moms and wanted to give it a try. My mom was an excellent cook and baker so I thought if it was her recipe it has to be good....  I didn't care much for them but my husband loved them.  They were way more chewy than a donut should be and I think I over worked the dough.  Moms notes did say to handle the dough as little as possible.  It was supposed to be a cross between a cake donut and a raised donut.  Mine was more bagel-ish.  I don't know that I will make that recipe again, but I have other sourdough recipes of hers that I will give a try.

Today I got my housework done so I can have the weekend free.  Sunday I am going to a Close To My Heart card workshop.  I always look forward to going. We make some pretty neat things.  I'll post pictures of the fun things we made a little later.

This is the Creative Freebie Challenge for June 17-July 1.  I don't think I will get to do the second one, but at least one will keep me going. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Card #2 for CFC June 3 - June 16

I shirked my duties this morning in order to complete my second card.  It looks like the ring isn't centered on the background right, but I think it is the angle the card is sitting in the holder. 

Now I'm off to do my wifely duties around the house.  Laundry..... here I come!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

School's Out

Well for me, summer has officially started when the grandkids get out of school.  It gets pretty hectic sometimes but I would not change any of it.  I think being a grandparent is the best!  I watch them grow and mature into young adults and just marvel at it all. (I am also very glad that I am not raising children anymore)  It doesn't really seem like it was that long ago that I was their age, then reality sneaks in and says, "Becca, you're getting old." I can almost be a great grandma now. Wow! Time flys.

It isn't as easy getting into the craft room these days.  I have really been trying to at least keep up with the CFC Outlawz challenges.  Most times I can get the two done but it looks like this time I will only get one. 

Here is my first card for the CFC challenge for June 3-June 16. 

I also am posting the anniversary card I made for my husband.  It was our 12th on June 3rd.  These are the only two cards I have been able to complete it seems for some time.

I had to laugh.  My husband told me that he just couldn't make out what the top of the card said.  LOL!  I told him that was good because I couldn't either.