Tuesday, June 12, 2012

School's Out

Well for me, summer has officially started when the grandkids get out of school.  It gets pretty hectic sometimes but I would not change any of it.  I think being a grandparent is the best!  I watch them grow and mature into young adults and just marvel at it all. (I am also very glad that I am not raising children anymore)  It doesn't really seem like it was that long ago that I was their age, then reality sneaks in and says, "Becca, you're getting old." I can almost be a great grandma now. Wow! Time flys.

It isn't as easy getting into the craft room these days.  I have really been trying to at least keep up with the CFC Outlawz challenges.  Most times I can get the two done but it looks like this time I will only get one. 

Here is my first card for the CFC challenge for June 3-June 16. 

I also am posting the anniversary card I made for my husband.  It was our 12th on June 3rd.  These are the only two cards I have been able to complete it seems for some time.

I had to laugh.  My husband told me that he just couldn't make out what the top of the card said.  LOL!  I told him that was good because I couldn't either. 


  1. Great cards!!! The card you made for your husband is beautiful too!!

  2. Beautiful cards, especially the anniversary card. This truly inspired me. I'm creating wedding anniversary cards digitally and this makes me do my cards even better. Thanks for the inspiration.

    cheers xxx