Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Giant Ginger Cookies

My blog so far has been just cards I have made. From time to time just to be different I have to throw something new into the mix.

Yesterday I made these giant cookies.  If they were any bigger they wouldn't have fit into the little celophane bag.  I sent some of these to work with my husband to give to his co-workers.  The recipe states it should make 25 giant cookies.  I got half that but I guess I really oversized them.  I put a few in the freezer to give to my daughter and my grandkids because I knew my husband would eat them before they got a chance to get any.  I ate two as soon as they cooled.  I think that would be the equivalent of maybe 6 regular cookies.  Yikes! 

I do have to admit, these are really yummy!

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