Monday, July 2, 2012

It's Been A Beautiful Day

The second day of July and the weather couldn't be more perfect.  It's a little overcast but the temperature is perfect for this transplanted Alaskan girl.  The last few days have been so humid you would have thought we were living in the south.  I found that my single sheets of scrapbook paper curled because it was so humid. I will have to stick a book on them to flatten them out. Today, it has been just perfect.  After July 4 the weather will be close to 90 and that is just a little too warm for me. 

I had lunch with a friend and then we went to a few artsy shops where I live.  She is local and knows the shops much better than I.  We went to a shop called The Framers Touch that I had never been to before eventhough it has been here 9 years and right in the heart of town.  What a neat little store. It has jewelery, ceramics, picture framing, glass and tea! The tea and accessories was a total surprise.  My friend bought a really cool ice tea pot and I bought some Black Currant tea.  I'm going to try some out tonight.  Anyway, that shop is definately a place I will be going to again.  Their website is  Check it out!

Yesterday I was working on a card like this but when I stamped the greeting inside I had switched the Happy and the Birthday clings.  It read Birthday! Happy.   I was not so happy to see what I had done.  So, because of the honeycomb balloon, there wasn't a way I could just remove the front of the card and I couldn't restamp it on another piece of paper.  The only solution was to start over.  My granddaughter loved it though and wanted to have it since I was going to toss it so I guess it wasn't a total waste of time.  

Here is the new revised birthday card.

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