Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Such Talented Artists and Crafters

I am in awe of the fabulously talented people that I have discovered in my travels online. I am always searching for ideas for new cards.  I have found a lot of amazing, friendly, talented people.  One site I just have to recommend is The Outlawz group. They have an amazing gallery of the most talented people with many different challenges available.  There is also a "Freebie" area where I have found the wonderful artists who share their digital drawings.  I haven't actually participated in any of the challenges, but I do intend to now that I have a blog.  There is a Wednesday Sketch Challenge that I am going to be working on today. 

You really ought to check out this site.  I guarantee, if you are a paper crafter, card maker, scrapbooker, or even an artist, you will love this site.

This is the card I came up with for their Wednesday challenge. 

What fun! Since this is the first time I have participated, I hope I can figure out how to upload it to their site.

My next challenge is to clean my craft desk off.  Does anyone else have a mess like this when they are crafting? 

This is what it should look like.....

I'm off now to do some creative housework.  Ugh...this was so much more fun!


  1. Becca, thanks for leaving me some love. I love your blog, and your card for the challenge is adorable. It is very simple to upload it and if you make a boo-boo, the designers will come to your rescue and place it where it belongs. I know this for a fact cuz it happened to me the first few times I tried to enter challenges. We appreciate your words of encouragement toward our site. You have already figured out what a wonderful community we are blessed with. I am looking forward to watching what you create. Oh, and I wish I had a messy craft room, my dining room table looks like that at least twice a week, lol. See ya around girlie! :)S

  2. Hi Becca! Wow! Where do I start!?! First, your card is adorable! Such a sweet image and I really love your designing with very pretty paper and nice coloring! 2nd, I am the creator and owner of The Outlawz and your posting warmed my heart and made me smile big time! What makes The Outlawz so wonderful is the awesome design team! I love the girlz and they are the true reason the site has grown to be what it is today!! 3rd, thank you for the sweet love you left on my blog! Fourth and last!! I love your craft area and trust me I can make a much bigger mess!! Sometimes, I do 3 or 4 cards and at the end....lets say I would never post a photo of it! Hugz, Colleen :)

  3. PS. It may be my laptop but I don't see where I can join your blog. If you need help setting it up let me know and I will help you.

    1. Thank you for sweet things you said about my card. :-) Oh yes! Yes! Yes! I need help setting up my blog! I have changed it numerous times and I still can't get the gadgets in there or the background the way I want it.