Monday, August 20, 2012

New Computer

Happy Birthday to me once again.  Nope.  It still isn't my birthday but it's close enough that anything that I get these days is a birthday present.  This weekend my husband got me a new computer.  My other one had a really bad bug or something and he decided it wasn't worth the effort for an 8 year old computer.

Have you ever heard of people who "break" machines just by getting near them? I really think I am one of those people.  My husband seems to always be saying, "what did you break now?" My oven blew up about 6 months ago.  It really did.  The element inside turned into a welding rod and completely blew apart and blew out the circuitry. Today I was trying to take a picture of a card for The Outlawz challenge and the camera wouldn't turn on.  Yikes!  It did finally turn on and I was able to take the picture so I don't know if it is getting ready to quit, or if it just didn't like me.  Everytime I tell my husband something doesn't work, he will look at it and yep, you know it, it works.  It is getting expensive though.

This is the card I made for this challenge for The Outlawz. 

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