Saturday, September 8, 2012

Circular Step Card

I love making different cards.  My brain just seems to close down when I try to make a "regular" card. By "regular" I just mean stamping and decorating a "regular" close card.  Does that make sense?  I do enjoy making different folded cards.  Step cards have been really difficult for me. I don't know why.  I swear I am dyslexic when I am cutting and folding.  They always come out backward and sometimes I will do the same mistake cut three times.  At that point.  I throw it away and walk away from the craft table.  I will always come back to it a little later because I just refuse to let paper defeat me.

This is a circular side step card that I used as an entry in the CFC Outlawz challenge as my second card.  The dragonfly image was drawn by Sandi Huggett. 


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