Sunday, March 11, 2012


If you haven't heard of you really need to check it out if you enjoy paper crafts.  They have some great Webisodes that show you how to use their products.  The latest Webisode that I watched was about a product they call HoneyPop. You know those honey comb decorations you can get for parties? Well they have special paper that is like that for card making.  Paper Wishes has the cutest stamps to use with the honey pop papers.  I am working on a Birthday card right now and will post it when I am finished.

These are the papers and stamps they have for this product.


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  1. I just saw someone selling these stamp sets on eBay earlier today and could not figure out why certain parts had arrows on them! :D OH!

    You are now officially on the blog list at The Outlawz! :D